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These types of posts tend to be longer, overviewing everything you need to know about a topic. For example, Zolas post on how to plan a wedding is a great addition to a resource page for wedding planners. After creating your resource post, you can start to look for websites that have a resource page that could link it. To do this, search for pages using search modifiers together with your keyword. Resource Page Outreach Template. When reaching out to prospects, mention that you found their resource page helpful and that you have another resource you think could add value to their page. In the outreach email, mention what your post covers and include only a sneak peek of the infographic to prompt the prospect to click on it. Create Roundup Posts. From the best savings tips to ways to style your hair, roundup posts can provide great inspiration to readers. Whats even better is that theyre also great in terms of shareability, just like many of the link building strategies on our list.
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Follow these steps. Make a list of all the popular publications in your niche and the people who manage and contribute to them. Review those publications to see if theyre worth your contrirbuting to. Engage with those publications on social media and start building a relationship. Ask those youve built a relationship with if and how you can contribute be ready with an idea to pitch. The exact same strategy was used by Andrew Youderian of eCommerce Fuel to get become a contributor to the Shopify Blog. When you try this strategy, youll find many websites do not accept regular contributors, and they might turn down your request. If that happens, worry not, and inquire if they would be happy with a guest post. Youll find that many publications that do not accept new contributions will happily accept guest posts if they are high quality. You can take this strategy one step further by actively looking for websites that accept guest posts. The benefit here is that youll find a higher number of websites that are hungry for quality content, and they are also easy to find.
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What do I mean by that? Lets pause for a moment here. While different definitions might circle through the marketing world, a natural link is a link thats a editorially earned, and b organic in the context it appears. Its not part of a sponsorship or paid in any way. Often, a natural link gives credit where credits due, and its something every pro blogger should be after. Ive watched how powerful a natural link can be. Whenever I publish a new blog post, within 24 hours, I usually see new links from authority blogs. Earning that comes back to the quality of your content and your brand. In a sense, your brand represents you. My definition of a brand is your representative when youre not there. Ive been marketing online for over a decade. Throughout this time, one of the most effective strategies I used to grow my personal brand was consistent blogging. When you blog consistently, you get more attention. If link building is part of your strategy, get serious about blogging. Youll get 97 percent more inbound links, and that will also improve your search engine rankings.
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Internal links carry a lot of value and most people dont realise just how much they help your SEO. Internal links help Google discover new hight quality content. Internal links help Google to better understand rank your content. Internal links can be used to control Googles spiders. Internal links can be used to direct traffic to important high converting pages. This the most underused link building strategy in SEO. And I dont know why-. Because its very easy to implement! 3x Internal Link Building Strategies. There are 3x internal link building strategies that I like to use when it comes to placing links. My quick and easy method. My power process. Manual linking process. Im going to show you the manual linking process here. It takes a bit more time to apply. but youll end up with a powerful internal linking structure and a dangerous amount of know how. However, you can still learn the other 2x easier methods in my internal link building tutorial. The Manual Internal Link Building Process. First up you need to make a list of your URLs and the target keywords.
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Building linked unstructured citations - references to a business'' contact information on a non-directory platform, like a blog or a news site - is important for moving the ranking needle for local SEO. It's' also a great way to earn valuable links when you're' marketing a local business. Learn more in our guide.: Follow the tutorial. Refurbish top content. You likely already know which of your site's' content earns the most traffic, converts the most customers, or retains visitors for the longest amount of time. Take that content and refurbish it for other platforms Slideshare, YouTube, Instagram, Quora, etc to expand your acquisition funnel beyond Google. You can also dust off, update, and simply republish older content on the same platform. If you discover that a few trusted industry websites all linked to a popular resource that's' gone stale, update it and let those industry websites know - you may just earn a good link.
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These lists are common for educational and government websites, and those links are incredibly valuable. To find the resource pages in your industry, google your keyword with characteristic modifiers.: keyword learning resources. keyword useful resources. keyword helpful links. To find highly trusted links, consider limiting your search to edu and gov domains.: keyword learning resources site edu: OR site gov.: keyword useful resources site edu: OR site gov.: keyword helpful links site edu: OR site gov.: keyword wiki site edu: OR site gov.: Once you've' collected a list of backlink prospects, find their contacts, select your most suitable resources, and launch an outreach campaign. By the way, here is an article on how to run a successful email outreach campaign, be it for link-building or any other purpose. Become a contributor to a high-authority publication. This step requires LinkAssistant. You can download it now for free. Guest posting still remains one of the most popular link-building strategies, if you do it right. And it's' not just about backlinks. You also gain new audiences and boost your website's' traffic. Just remember that these days you have to put real effort into your guest posts - try to push thin content, and Google will consider it spam.
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Also use metrics like Moz Page Authority PA and Ahrefs UR to get a feel for how internal links might be affecting pages you are considering. Final tips on how to get backlinks. Alternate your anchor text. Search engines are always on the lookout for link building activities, so you need to make yours hard to spot by being smart with your anchor text. A load of sites with the same or similar metrics, all linking back to you at around the same time, with the same anchor text, all in one backlink profile, is deeply suspicious. Thats why variation is key throughout your backlink profile. As well as varying the sites that you target, you should also vary the anchor text you use on your links. A rule of thumb is never or almost never use the same one twice. This approach makes your backlink profile look more natural and increases your chances of achieving the rankings youre aiming for. Remember a higher word count isnt always better. Many blogs will require you to write a long-form content piece to get a guest post spot, but quantity doesnt always mean quality or SEO success.
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Choose a few of the methods mentioned in this article and create a combination that best suits you, your business, your industry, and your teams capabilities. You can also turn to link building experts who will create a comprehensive strategy and even carry out the link building for you.

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