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According to a search study by Ahrefs, there is a clear correlation between the amount of backlinks a site has and the amount of organic traffic driving to the site. Therefore, link building should be an integrated part within most businesses SEO strategies.
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They will work from various companies and not be able to assist you if you reach out for guest post opportunities. Additionally, you can observe how credible and relevant each site is, based off of a DR score Ahrefs version of DA, how many referring domains are connected to pieces that similar to your topic, what the organic traffic is, what the traffic value is, and the social media engagement for each piece. To make it easier to review the data and decide what opportunities you want to work with, export all of the information from your search into a spreadsheet. Find the button on the upper right side of the page that says Export. From this export, youll find detailed information that you can utilize for your own guest post goals. After scanning through your results, you can add the most relevant and authoritative sites to the Link Building Prospect Database sheet.
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The best part? You can enjoy a free tier account by signing up here. BacklinkGap is the newest backlink checker in the market. You can use BacklinkGaps Backlink Checker to discover your backlinks profile strength; by taking a peek at your total backlinks, referring domains, and anchor texts. You can also utilize BacklinkGap as a link building tool by analyzing your competitors websites. If there are people linking to similar content that you have, then theres no reason why they cant link to you as well. Figure out what is the reason behind the linking, then reach out for your own linking opportunities. Ahrefs Site Explorer. Ahrefs is well-known for its backlinking and SEO analysis features. You can use Ahrefs Site Explorer to analyze your competitors websites and find link-building opportunities. You can also use Ahrefs to check the content thats performing well in a given niche so you can link to it and offer your audience more value. Ahrefs offers an online free authority checker, but the complete software doesnt have a free trial; instead, you get a 7-day trial for $7.
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Analyze your competitors SEO and link building strategies. Another great way to use the Ahrefs connector is to snoop on your competitors performance to get more ideas on how to improve your SEO strategy. Here are some ideas for your competitive analysis.: Pull your competitors backlink and outgoing link data to see what kind of websites link to them and what they link to. Monitor your competitors page and domain ratings to get benchmarks for your own metrics. Identify their top performing pages in terms of traffic: which linked pages with high domain ratings are linking back to them? This will help you identify sites that might also be willing to link to your website. Go granular and get more information about your competitors websites. You can check their pages IP address, titles, encoding, and more. Ahrefs dashboard template for Google Data Studio.
Best 10 Link Building Tools: Build Easy Links Updated For 2023.
Moz is a little less costly when you compare it to other tools in its rank. Well, thats on the high-end plans. The low-end pricing isnt cheap. Like Ahrefs, it starts at $99. If youre a large SEO company with many customers, youll choose the top-tier plans that cost $249/month and $599/month. My favorite feature is the comparison link profiles. You can enter up to four sites and compare them with yours. This way, you get a side-by-side comparison display of multiple backlink profiles, including metrics like spam score. Heres an in-depth video on how the Moz link explorer works. Analyze Your Link Profile With Mozs Link Explorer - Mo z. Moz is fantastic for users who prefer an all-rounded SEO tool. But if youre a sensitive SEO pro looking for a tool that gives nitty-gritty details on link building, it might not be a reliable option.
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9 Easy Link Building Strategies That Anyone Can Use.
Youre in the right place. This article DOESNT list out a bazillion link building strategies. What Ill show you instead is a handful of tactics that WORK. Tactics that are EASY to replicate for YOUR website. Tactics that bring needle-moving links, which, in turn, drive traffic to and increase revenue for your business. Dont believe me? Here are some of the links weve built to Ahrefs using these tactics.: Link to Ahrefs Content Explorer from a DR 77 site. Link to Ahrefs from a DR 65 site. If youre wondering where those Ahrefs metrics come from in the images above, check out the all-new Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. But before I share what these tactics are and how to use them, lets clear something up. New to link building? Check out our. Beginners guide to link building. Link building strategies VS. Theres a BIG difference between tactics and strategies. Strategy overall plan.
Journorequest, Snowmaker and 20 other Link Building Strategies That Work Great in 2022 Grow With Less.
If you do decide to choose guest posting as a link building strategy, watch out for.: Websites that almost exclusively post guest posts. They tend to be low quality sites that wont promote your content. Websites with spammy backlinks. Websites full of spam comments. Intermediate and advanced link building strategies. These are link building strategies that require more time, authority or skills. They could work great for you but I recommend starting with beginner link building strategies first as they tend to be easier/cheaper to execute. The Skysraper technique. Invented by Brian Dean from Backlinko, the Skyscraper technique is all about finding content that could be improved, making it 10 times better and then reaching out to people who link to the content to ask them to link to your article instead.
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And these opportunities certainly exist. In fact, this was our very first link.: And it turned out to be 2 links in one! But seeing as this is a numbers game, you might want to go for a different approach. You can also employ the Shotgun Skyscraper Technique, which lets you reach out to dozens of site owners at a time. Heres how you can go about it.: Load one of your competitors in Ahrefs.

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